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"Die Haut ist der Spiegel der Seele."

Translation:The skin is the reflection of the soul.

April 6, 2013



A common expression in American English is "The eyes are the window to the soul"


That expression is from some Shakespeare play so its not just common American english but pretty much worldwide. Shakespeare wasn't the first to say this though. in Matthew in the bible it says the light of the body is the eye. That was written around 70AD. Cicero way back in 50-something BC said the face & eyes are the picture of the mind.


Actually, it's a common expression that pre-dates the existence of America. It's a proverb often attributed to Shakespeare, but there's various references through out history of "eyes being the windows of the soul" that pre-dates even Shakespeare's usage.


Looks like Duo is testing again (and again) our sense of understanding the text by throwing in meaningless sentences. The probleem is however that we might remember some of them and even use them later on :)



Is this a proverb, or something of that sort? Does it mean that one's virtue is demonstrated by the quality of one's complexion?


It's frequently used in ads for skin cream, beauty products and related stuff^ . Just perform a google search and you'll get the gist of it.

^ I hope you noticed how eloquently I conveyed my non-expert status concerning the beauty cream subject ;-)


is it... implying that your skin is so clear you can see through to your soul or something?


No, it just means that your skin reflects (in a metaphorical sense) your soul.


"Die Haut ist der Spiegel der Seele"... ..I agree with that....//...Damit bin ich einverstanden. ...//...

But this also applies to the face......//.. Aber dies gilt auch für das Gesicht. ...//...We also say: " in every human face ... is his story written "...

..."In jedes Menschen-Gesicht(e) ...steht seine Geschichte geschrieben"...


In Germany we are used to say: "Die Augen sind die/der Spiegel der/zur Seele." (The eyes are the mirrors of/to the soul.) OR "Die Augen sind die/das Fenster zur/der Seele." (The eyes are the windows to/of the soul.)

Please don't use "Haut". It's nonsense. ^^ Grüße


Völlig einverstanden!


O.O so weird..but that's what I like about Duolingo^^


Is it really wrong to say: "The skin is the soul's mirror."??


As far as I know, the reflection in this case can only be either der Wiederschein, der Reflex or der Abglanz, but not der Spiegel!


Bella cara muta recomendati est. When are we going to get Latin up in here, Owlie!?!


How can the skin reflect anything?

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