Wrong Scarf

My french owl now has a brazilian scarf. That's strange.

alt text

May 17, 2014


Thanks for sharing this :D Going to get that fixed.

Mine too. I sent it in earlier today.

Didn't get a scarf email at all. Received the little German owl trophy at the end of the tree, but no email from DuoLingo has arrived... yet.

Kristinemc would you look into this too, please?

Hi 5string yes, I'll have the team take a look at that as well :)

Thanks for having a look at this Kristinemc. However, to date I still have not received my DuoLingo scarf email acknowledging that I finished my German tree. A little bit disappointed.

Have you turned off any notifications? If you have, then you will not be notified through email. That may be the problem.

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