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  5. "कल या परसों?"

"कल या परसों?"

Translation:Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

January 14, 2019



Couldn't this also be translated as: Yesterday or the day before yesterday?


How do you understand it's tomorrow or yesterday?

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If it says just 'कल या परसों', you have no way of knowing without additional context. However, in most cases, you can figure it out by looking at the verb tense.

Eg: वह कल या परसों गया - 'He went yesterday or the day before yesterday' because it is in the past tense
वह कल या परसों जाएगा - 'He will be going tomorrow or the day after tomorrow' because it is in the future tense

If there is some scope for ambiguity and you want to remove it, you can qualify it as गुज़रा हुआ कल/ बीता कल - 'yesterday' (literally 'the कल that is past') or आने वाला कल - 'tomorrow' (literally 'the कल that is coming') though these phrases are also used to talk about the past and the future in general.

Eg: मैं बीते कल के बारे में नहीं सोच रहा - 'I am not thinking about yesterday' (or 'I am not thinking about the past')


I imagine 'the day after tomorrow' film title sounded a lot less impressive in Hindi...


Why didn't it accept "Tomorrow or the next day?", to me it's more grammatically correct.


Because the next day could also mean tomorrow in this case.......


Then you have to use the proper sentence like "the next day after tomorrow" (अगला दिन कल के बाद) for more grammatically correct.


It can be yesterday also

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