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Problems this new year:

  • Students cannot see their assignments in the app.
  • When I look at assignments in order to grade, they ALL show as unfinished and the assignment status as pending. I have downloaded the activity spreadsheets, so I know which students have/not done their work, but that is not ideal. Please help!
January 14, 2019



I am having the same problem. Assignments are not unlocking, if they do unlock they show done. This program would be great (I would even pay for it) IF the assignments worked the way they are supposed to. I have to spend more time trying to resolve issues by creating new accounts than actually getting anything done. Some issues simply will not get resolved. Very disappointing I am about to give up on using DuoLingo in my classroom, which is a shame because the students love it when it works.


I'm having the same issues as others have mentioned here. I give an assignment and some are marked as complete even though the students haven't worked on the topic at all, or they do complete an assignment yet it still remains marked as incomplete. I've had to stop giving Duolingo assignments because the accuracy of what is being reported to me is dubious and the students are experiencing a lot of frustration with these issues. I'm also feeling frustrated with the problems and very disappointed, especially since I can see that duolingo has a lot of potential.


I am having the exact same issue. This is my fourth year using Duolingo and never had this problem until this year. I wonder what happened?


I'm experiencing these issues as well. None of my students have been able to complete assignments. When I attempted to complete an assignment (under a second, student account), I was able to complete the level-up assignment but then was not able to click on that level again. When I tried it on a third account, the assignments were shown as complete before I tried opening them (and I was unable to click on them).

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