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"Ich habe keinen anderen Freund."

Translation:I have no other friend.

April 6, 2013



I said "i do not have other friend" and it says its wrong because it should be "i do not have other friends", but then, it should not be Freunde?


It accepted "I have no other friend" and I expect "I do not have another friend" or "I do not have any other friend" are also correct.

Your version is just a bit strange sounding in English, "friend" wants some kind of article there.


i just followed the sentence as if this would be singular, but it says "friends" is correct, so my question is, should this not be Freunde instead?


It's fine to translate to "friend" - as you said, the German phrase is also using the singular. It's just that in English you can't say "I have friend" - friend must be articulated; but you can say "I have friends", that is, friends in general. Likewise you can't say "I have other friend" nor "I do not have other friend". Since it's singular, it must always be "I have a friend" or "I do not have another friend" or "I have no friend". They also allowed translating to a plural "I do not have other friends" because it means the same thing and sounds very natural in English - perhaps they shouldn't have allowed it since perfectly fine translations exist that use the singular friend as in the original.


FYI, I put "I don't have another friend" and it accepted it.


Why "I do not have a different friend" is wrong? It's like I only have one type of friends, I don't have other kinds of friends.


This sentence can be both plural and singular "friend/s"?


No, the plural version of this would be: 'Ich habe keine anderen Freunde'.


shouldn't the plural version be"....keine andere..."?I am a little confused.


"Andere" is an adjective. The adjectival ending for plural is "en". All plural, all genitive, and all dative take "-en" for adjectives. (So does the masculine in the accusative.)


why we use keinen, anderen with the -en endings?

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