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  5. "Tomato and corn"

"Tomato and corn"

Translation:Chʼil Łichxíʼí dóó naadą́ą́

January 15, 2019



I don't have the option to put letters with multiple accent marks.


Some letters are just not on the keyboard


Hey guy finally I got it right, this is the answer and way of writing the words that worked out for me in the end, bloody hell " Ch'il lichxi'i dóó naadáa' " so give it a try it supposed to be working for you guys too, bye


This does work, thanks


Can confirm writing " naadáa' " FINALLY allowed me to get a correct answer and move forward.


Duolingo really needs to be more clear with the hover hints -- normally the top word is what they're looking for, but this one incorporates both -- with no explanation of how they go together rather than could possibly be used interchangeably or one being more preferable to the other. Sigh.


It really shouldn't show them as separate. That's a bug.

Ch'il means "the plant." Łichxíʼí means "the one that is red."

For a really in-depth explanation, see DiegoJaviUnlam's comment here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29895120


So I put in tje correct answer...accents and all and my answer was not accepted...:(


We need a keyboard to get all of the correct diacritics.


I cant put the accents


Some languages (Norwegian and German are ones I am taking) provide on screen "buttons" to click on to get characters not available on many keyboards. If I'm doing Duo on my iPad I can hold down a letter to get accent marks for most languages (can even get the slashed L) but you can't double up on them. On my laptop, I can only get a few accents, mostly on vowels. It would be nice if they could implement on-screen buttons to get the characters for this language.


The on-screen buttons are there for the web version. That's how I did it for a while.

It'd be nice if they were available on the app, too.


I don't have the accent marks on my keyboard to correctly answer this translation.


Naadąą' works! It marks as correct


Why is the slashed L capitalized? It's not a place name or the first word in a sentence?


Hey, is it not time for duolingo to accept that there is no such letters on the simple keyboard on phones!?


this one only works with a copy-paste approach lol


Is it t or l? I've got it right in other lessons.


If you're referring to the first letter in Łichxíʼí, it's a slashed L. Apparently they accept T for it (though they really shouldn't; it's an entirely different letter that has nothing in common with T, but if you don't have a diné keyboard there's no equivalent).


I dont have the keyboard to type these letters


I can't put in the last 2 a's in anyway


I cannot add the accent marks. They are not on my keyboard


I don't heve letters for this, por dioooooos!!!!

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