"Mereka tidak mendengar aba-aba kamu."

Translation:They did not hear your signals.

January 15, 2019

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Is marks and signals to be the same thing?


I guess it can be the same.
"aba-aba" is something like a command/signal when doing a sport/exercise/race.
Something like: "get ready","Start", "stop", "left" "right" etc...


I was under the impression marks were grades


I wondered why this sentence uses the plural form "aba-aba" because native speakers usually don't do so. It turns out that the single "aba" means "a signal in the form of a knock on the wall and so on, which is usually heard before the death of a family member", according to KBBI. Meanwhile "aba-aba" means "command words in lines, exercises, and so on (like ready! go forward! stop!)" -- as @WayangOrang has already explained. One small thing would change the context drastically.


Why is commands incorrect?

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