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  5. "Did you bring a book?"

"Did you bring a book?"

Translation:paq Daqem'a'?

January 15, 2019



What does Daqem mean?

I'm assuming that 'Daq' means location, as we've been using it; is 'em' an equivalent to 'here'? And if so, why isn't it 'emDaq'?


All Klingon syllables start with a consonant, and so do all suffixes (with just one known exception: -oy). So em (starting with a vowel) is not a possible Klingon word.

Daqem'a' splits up into Da·qem·'a' -- Da- is a prefix meaning "you - him/her/it/them" and -'a' is a suffix for forming yes/no questions.

Can you quess what qem might mean?


qem...that's the boyfriend of bar'be', right? ;)

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