Two people, two different views of Duolingo


My wife and I are both learning French, both use Duolingo from our tablets and both use safari to access Duolingo, however we have a different set of lessons. Mine includes Gallicism for instance and my wife’s does not. Does anyone know why that is?

Neither of us have taken shortcuts.

January 15, 2019


Currently, there are at least four versions of the course "French for English speakers", one stable version and the other ones are test versions.
Duolingo's staff are doing a lot of those so-called A/B tests.

January 15, 2019

Staff tree 8+12 are new (much longer) and A/B tested.

And each one has an additional A/B test about the new Part1-7 (tree8) or Part1-8 (tree12) groupings with line separators and additional dedicated skill "Checkpoint" before the yellow checkpoint button.

The tree design (especially checkpoints (CP), total CP count, last checkpoint at the bottom) is very different between all trees!

So they are not only two, but actually 4 tests (same skill/lesson count) for the new staff trees.
The same happens now to the Spanish course (from English).

You are on the contributor tree3:

You have 26+ dedicated grammar skills and MANY html formatted "tips and notes" on the web portal with the tree3 as a bonus.

You can strengthen dedicated grammar skills with this method:

January 15, 2019

They could be running an A/B test on a new version of the tree!

January 15, 2019
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