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"This bag is not filled with anything yet."

Translation:Tas ini belum terisi apa pun.

January 15, 2019



Should "Tas ini belum terisi dengan apa pun" also be valid?


Yes, it should be accepted. You can report it.


I've always learned apa aja, should that be valid?


Can I use apa-apa instead of apa pun?


What about "dipenuhi" instead of "terisi"? Is there any difference?


This section is testing the "ter" form of the verb, so you won't be able this example here. The ter- here denotes the state of being filled. The tips to this section state: Ter- prefix The ter- prefix marks a passive verb, almost like the di- prefix. However, ter- is different in that it is used in situations where the verb is done spontaneously (Dia tersenyum), unexpectedly (Adik terjatuh), or denoting the state of an object (Suratnya sudah terkirim). Example: Botol ini diisi dengan teh [oleh Tini) = This bottle is filled with tea (by Tini). Botol ini terisi teh = This bottle is filled with tea. Re dipenuhi vs diisi: According to my kamus, Memenuhi = fill, fulfil, comply with, meet a demand. Mengisi=fill, fill up or fill in. Memenuhi appears to have a broader application but there is overlap.

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