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  5. "वह गाने सुनती है।"

"वह गाने सुनती है।"

Translation:She listens to songs.

January 15, 2019



I thought it was oblique case, thus "the/a song".


Same question here. Why isn't it she listens to a song?


This isn't an oblique case. Oblique case will use मुझे, तुझे, तुम्हें, आपको, उसे, उन्हें instead of मैं, तु, तुम, आप, वह, वे. Here गाने is plural, so can't be used with the article 'a'. I guess, the article 'the' may be used if there was anything specific to it. The same way as "She listens to music" (This seems more natural, but its translation "वह संगीत सुनती है" is not common in Hindi) and "She listens to the songs of The Weeknd".


I wrote "She listens to the songs." If "the" is possible it should be accepted. If "the" is not possible, why?


I think adding "the" would make it refer to specific songs whereas here it means songs in general.

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