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  5. "Je n'aime pas voir la carte."

"Je n'aime pas voir la carte."

Translation:I do not like to see the map.

April 6, 2013



I think maybe it's a dude who's being held captive, and he's tortured daily by a man with a map of human pressure points. He knows when the map comes out that he's in for it, so he casually says to the prisoner next to him, "tell ya what me old China plate - i don't like to see the map!" I think that pretty much sums up all the situations where an English speaking human might use that collection of words.


Like your work.


Yes, I agree, in the English useful equivalent of this phrase would replace LIKE with WANT. And you'd use it when you are familiar with the resto and know exactly what you WANT.


My mom is 83 but she doesn't like to wear her eyeglasses, even though she needs them desperately, so, when I take her out to eat, she never grabs a menu because she doesn't want me to tell her "see, mom, you can't read the menu, you need your glasses!!!!". Therefore she always says: "I don't like to see the menu"


Then comes the bees


it's a context thing, but yes, it means card too, as well as map and menu!


But well within context I also thought 'card'. It's a card game and I wish to play blind, or something.


Yeah what if was in the context of Yugioh in reference to a particular trap card the individual fears facing? ;)


Is "I do not like seeing the map" wrong?


I was wondering this as well.


Why voir (to see) instead of regarder (to look at)?


I supposed regarder could work too, depending on context.


He says before becoming hopelessly lost


"Pfft... I am Fine!! I have GPS!!!!"


Duo does not accept "seeing" in place of "to see," but I am pretty sure I would more likely use "seeing" in this ridiculous sentence which is utterly lacking in context.


it burns my eyes!!!?


I put "I do not like looking at..." and was marked wrong. Seems very close in meaning?


Ditto! I also translated it as "I don't like looking at..." and was marked wrong. Seems like a totally legitimate translation to me.


je n'aime pas regarder la carte


How would this sentence be used in a conversation? Can you use it if somebody offers you the map, but you already studied it so this sentence is like a refusal?


I think in the context you describe we'd say 'I don't WANT (or NEED) to see the map'. The only scenario I can think of where a native English speaker would use this sentence is someone who likes to test themselves by relying on their sense of direction to find their destinations, or someone who has a phobia of maps - is there such a thing ? As with many Duo sentences, it probably doesn't help to analyse it too much !


That's the thing, I am trying to figure out if it is just gibberish or cultural intricacies of French))


It's just gibberish. As Wiggy69 described, that's the only situation where I could see it being used. As Wiggy69 mentioned, Duo sentences have a tendency to be nonsensical sometimes. Grammar-wise it's correct, but no one would really ever say it :P


But we do constantly get told that our French may be grammatically correct but no one would say it that way so it is wrong...


I think it's one of those humorous jabs. Imagine, if you will, a typical chauvinistic man with his chérie in the car and refuses to look at the map or ask around despite being lost.


shouldn't a more free translation like 'i do not like to read the map' also be correct?


Seems like nobody here is familiar with the automap in video games and how annoying it can be.


A lot of people here are talking about the context telling them something. That's good for a laugh. What context? Just about any meaning of "carte" should be accepted here, since there is no context to speak of.


Maybe it's "I don't want to see the menu"? I haven't tried it but maybe.


I don't want would be 'je ne veux pas', this is 'je n'aime pas' which is specifically 'to like' in this context.


Is anyone facing audio problem? It wouldn't read the sentence. Only pronoun when I hover my cursor over the words.


I have emotions about a map?


i don't think we should expect duolingo to give us sentences we would actually say. I guess the point of this is to see if we can translate unusual sentences to know if we actually learn what we are taught by expanding our mental flexibility, and not guessing.


I do not like looking at the map


Not correct anglaise


Why wouldn't it be "I do not like to look at the map?" In other words, I'm a guy and don't want to ask for directions?.


What's wrong with "seeing" the map?


I deliberately used "consult" instead of "see". I think it makes better sense in English. It's also one of the choices in the given translation of voir. Should be accepted.


Typical guy, right ladies?


The fast version sounds like "les" cartes whereas the slow version sounds like "la" carte


This sounds bizarre in English outside of a few extreme examples. Search the internet for "I do not like to see the map" and see how often it's used outside of discussing Duolingo...


Let me add my vote to those who say "I don't like to look at the map." is a more accurate English translation.


Sorry but this translation is incorrect...you do not see a map you look at a map...duo you need to correct this


I think menu ought to be allowed for La carte

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