Book in Dutch for begginers.

Hi! Can you recommend a book in Dutch for beginners? Short story or daily life articles are appreciated!

Many thanks!!!

1 month ago


You could maybe try to read Nijntje: It's for children, they read the book to you but you could turn off the sound. It might also help with pronunciation. Good luck! (Veel succes!)

1 month ago

thanks for sharing.

1 month ago
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Not for beginners really but try a paragraph a day from the Belgian novel: (Pdf here) "Veel geluk professor!" Author: Aster Berkhof. The storyline will get you running...

And when you decide to use G.translate, make sure the pasted sentences are not broken in strange parts. G. will translate exactly what you put in.

1 month ago
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Thanks a lot I´ll give it try!

1 month ago
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