About WhatsApp groups.

I've got a question.
Is it not allowed if I create a group on WhatsApp in order to practice a specific language and I decide to post the link to this group in here?
I mean, I've just read the Guidelines, so according to this part:

Think before you share
We care about your safety. Speaking another language is inherently social, but please beware of swapping or posting any private information that could be misused. That includes your phone number, age, address, what time you’ll be at home, school name, email, or other personal information that could put your privacy at risk. Simply put: don’t over-share. Sharing and encouraging others to share personal data might get your post, and possibly your account, removed.

How could we exchange knowledge with other learners from here?

January 16, 2019


You can post the link to the WhatsApp group, but not your phone number.

January 16, 2019
January 16, 2019
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