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"when you arrive at the street corner"

Translation:ke hiki ʻoe i ka huina alanui

January 16, 2019



The word "hōʻea" is common for "arrive" so should be accepted here. It was marked as an error.


Is "i" used for future tense or conditional?


I can't say if it's ever used that way, but that is not what it is doing here. The "i" here is marking the location: "i ka huina alanui" "at/on the street corner". It seems like the particle "ke" before the verb "hiki" ("arrive") is what's implying the conditional future "when".


If alanui means street and huina corner, why street corner isn't alanui huina then? Thanks


Street here is an adjective describing what kind of corner, and in Hawiian you put the adjective after the noun.

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