"Aia ka lua i hea?"

Translation:Where is the toilet?

1 month ago



Interesting. I thought the Hawaiian would be - aia i hea i ka lua. Can anyone share the grammar lesson with us? Is the sentence format - ai { location} i hea?

1 month ago

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Unfortunately, i cannot give a grammar lesson on this except to say that "hea" placed at the end of a question means "which." "Makemake ‘oe i ke kinipōpō hea?" Which ball do you want? (Your desire of the ball? which?) "Aia" means there is/are. The closest I can describe is that "Aia i hea" is an idiom that has a definition of its own when combined in that fashion. It means where. And to add to the confusion, I mostly hear "Aia i hea [object]" and not "aia [object] i hea," in which the object splits the interrogative, both meaning the same thing. But to answer your question, re-arranging the prompt should be "Aia i hea ka lua?"

3 weeks ago


wow, haven't learned that yet

4 weeks ago


Is the translation - the bathroom is where? Or - the location of the bathroom is where?

4 weeks ago
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