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  5. "The parents are not obliged."

"The parents are not obliged."

Translation:Die Eltern sind nicht verpflichtet.

April 6, 2013



I wrote the exact sentence Duo presented to me 2 seconds ago: Verpflichtet sind die Eltern nicht. Why doesn't it like it?


why is 'Die Eltern sind verplichtet nicht' not also correct? especially if one wanted to emphasize that it is the parents who are not obliged, as opposed to someone else not being obliged (to do something). or is Duolingo's word order just the way it is for this phrase?


You could say "sind nicht verpflichtet".

"Verpflichtet" is at the beginning here to emphasize that they are not obliged.


and yet "nicht" is at the other end of the sentence. :)


Agreed. The word order should be accepted in this case.


Could you say "Die Eltern sind verpflichtet nicht"?


That's what I answered, too. But no, apparently.


I'd like to know why this is incorrect too.


How is "zwangen" used. It is listed as a synonym to verpflichtet, can you not say, "Die Eltern sind nicht zwangen"... The example gives (what I think is) future perfect "Die Eltern werden nicht gezwungen" or something similar...

Is zwangen used differently?


"zwangen" is the past tense of the word "zwingen", and yes it is a synonym for "verpflichtet. So if you want to use this word you have to say "Die Eltern sind nicht gezwungen".

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