"Boys don't go to girls' initiation"

Translation:Wavulana hawaendi kwenye unyago

January 16, 2019

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What does 'kwenye' mean, and why is it required in this sentence?


It basically means "to/at/from". Unyago is a thing. Kwenye unyago is a place and can be used with kwenda as in this sentence.


Unfortunately, the -enye construction is not taught in this course, although it seems to be fairly common. Some examples that I found:

Mwanaume mwenye gari: a man who has a car, a man with a car.

Wanaume wenye magari: Men who have cars, men with cars.

Kitabu chenye picha: a book with pictures

Vitabu vyenye picha: books with pictures

etc, etc. So, kwenye unyago translates to 'a/the place with unyago'. More about Unyago on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unyago


Asante, it was so difficult to remember some phrases like these untill i read Your post :)(sun)

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