"I will not give you this."

Translation:मैं तुम्हें यह नहीं दूँगा।

January 16, 2019



Why would दोगी not be correct in this sentence?

January 16, 2019


No but you can use दूँगी, if you're a female saying it

January 16, 2019


I will not not give it = *Main tumhe yeh(dont pronounce as duolingo teaches , It's old fashioned , we pronounce it as "yeh" not "yha") nehi dunga[ male ]/ dungi [Female].

Will not you give it to me ? = Kya tu mujhe yeh nehi degi ?(if you are asking a girl) / Kya tu mujhe yeh nehi dega?( if you are asking a boy) .........{{{{{{{{{{{{{{THESE ARE INFORMAL SENTENCES AND Also harsh , so to ask him politely you need to say TUM instead of TU}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} . . WHEN you ask a man or a woman in formal way(respective)..then.. .

. Will not you give it to me ?= Kya ap mujhe yeh Nehi dengi( When you're asking a woman) / denge( when you're asking a man)


January 27, 2019
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