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Indonesian vs Malay comparisons


Just sharing with everyone the differences between Malay and Indonesian vocabulary here:


Note I only cover the words in the Duolingo course.

Edit: I have updated every word in the course. If there is any course updates in the future I will certainly update the list

January 16, 2019



It would be awesome if duolingo created a course about Malay. It would be also nice if Duolingo did a indonesian deck on tinycards.


A lot of the words, maybe around half in the list, are not actually vocabulary differences, but just preference. Hujah, rawat, kampung, hasilkan, perlu are all used commonly in Indonesian, they are not exclusively Malay vocabs. Maybe you can add "exist in Indonesian, but less common" in the Notes section.


I'm a learner of Indonesian but started off with Malay. I think this comes in useful for me to tell the two apart easier, terima kasih! :)


Terimakasih banyak :-)


rajinnya buat list ni


With regards to this line "desa | kampung | village | desa is also used in Malay"

Kampung is also used in Indonesian as well. I think it refers to a specific type of traditional village whereas Desa is more general.

I've also heard the word "kampungan", a mildly derogative term, perhaps akin to hillbilly, but less harsh.


Thank you for the insight! In Malay kampung is more common than desa, but both are understood as village in general.

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