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First Four Skills Story

This is a story written using only the words introduced in the first four skills. I want to practice my Indonesian, and hopefully somebody will help correct me. This story is also written so learners who are at the start of the course can have something to read.

"Halo Tini!" "Halo Andi!, saya mau jeruk dan apel." Andi "Apel?" Tini "Ya saya dari Jepang dan kita suka apel di Jepang." Andi "berapa banyak?" Tini "mmmm...saya mau sepuluh jeruk dan dua puluh apel" Andi "Ya, sini!" Tini "Terima Kasih banyak, dan selamat siapa!"

Okay I hope you enjoyed the story. You must understand that there isn't a lot of things you can write about!

Supplemental words:

di=in sini=here berapa banyak= how many

January 16, 2019



Bagus!! I enjoyed your story. Just at the very end, you appear to have a typo where I think you mean "... dan selamat siang"


@Nancy757351 Oh yeah, sorry about that I was looking at my notes and I saw siapa and so thats what I write

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