"जूलिया दौड़ रही है।"

Translation:Julia is running.

January 16, 2019

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Why is all translation julia raj and neha name comes there is no name excepting these names??


So रही/रहा/रहे is used when someone is currently doing something?


It is the continuous present, yes. So Julia is running.... If you wanted to say Julia runs (present but not continuous) then it is 'Julia dorti hei'


this could also be said as "Julia dorti hai" ?


That would be simply "Julia runs," simple tense.


No. It means julia runs. The acceptable answer is julia doud rahi hai which means julia is running


DL needs to accept Julia's running

[deactivated user]

    When two different "r" sounds meet at the end & beginning of two words -- do(L)R Rehi -- it sounds like the later overrules the first. Am I right?


    Why is julia runs wrong?


    I think that "Julia runs" in English literally means something other than she is running right now. It's kind of an expression of a thing that Julia does often or is part of her 'practice' etc.... So in Hindi, that would be "Julia does running" which when I tried to find a translation came up as one of those funny Hinglish ones... "Julia ran bana rahi hai" :) ...... Which means "Julia is making running" ?? Not sure if this is helpful ??

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