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  5. "If she cries then he laughs."

"If she cries then he laughs."

Translation:अगर वह रोती है तो वह हँसता है।

January 16, 2019



Why do we use present tense for रोती है and not the subjunctive रोए? Isn't that is what is supposed to follow अगर (if)?

(Edited 2020-03-14 to add the word 'not' that had accidentally been omitted)


I'll make an attempt: This is because its an example of a generalisation, Examples: 0. If x happens, then y happens. 1. If she cries, he laughs. 2. When she cries, he laughs.

In these cases, we'll have to use present tense as we are in the examples above.


Why does it have to be हंसता and not हंस। रहा?


वह हंस रहा है would mean "he is laughing" instead of "he laughs".


वह परपीड़क है

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