"किसी से पैसे मत लो।"

Translation:Do not take money from anybody.

January 16, 2019

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isn't this: "Do not take anybody‘s money." a correct translation too?


That would be किसीके पैसे मत लो।


thanks for your clarification


No, से means "from".


नहीं...। जवाब किसी से पैसे लेते हैं तो उसमें पैसे देने वाले की अनुमति शामिल होती है, परंतु जब आप किसी के पैसे लेते हैं तो जरूरी नहीं है तो उसमें देने वाले की अनुमति शामिल हो। Anybody's money मतलब "किसी के पैसे"


Why is "anybody" here translated to "किसी" and not "किसी भी"? Wouldn't the direct translation of "किसी से पैसे मत लो।" be "do not take money from somebody"?


The distinction between किसी and किसी भी is not as marked as 'anybody' and 'somebody'. किसी can mean both 'anybody' and somebody' while किसी भी is like 'just anybody'/'anybody at all'.
When you negate the sentence, both of them किसी से पैसे मत लो। and किसी से भी पैसे मत लो। become 'Don't take money from anybody'/'Take money from nobody'. The sentence with भी is just more insistent.

If you want to say 'Don't take money from somebody' (ie, a specific person), you'll have to use different phrasing, which may involve defining exactly who that somebody is.


Why is used to anybody


couldn't we translate it as don't take money from others?


My complaint has to do with the tonal inflection of the audio. It clearly ends in an interrogative. Translation aside, that's a strong interrogative inflection that exists in many languages. An affirmative/declarative tone would be one in which the tone pitch drops at the last syllable. The answer is not incorrect, but this should be re-recorded with the nature of the response in mind.


Unfortunately the audio is not recorded, it is synthesized with a mediocre speech synthesizer. Sadly there aren't really better Hindi synthesizers widely available yet, and I imagine Duolingo doesn't have the money yet to pay for someone to read all the dialog for the Hindi course. I hope it will be prioritized one day though.


What about 'anyone' instead of 'anybody'?! if the translation is: 'don't take money from anyone.' Is it wrong? If yes; why? I am curious... !!!


It's probably just not added as an alternate translation. You can report it the next time you see the sentence.


Why can't i put do not get money from anyone?


A better translation for 'get' would be पाओ instead of लो.

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