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Klingon needs some audio

I don't know how to say things correctly if I don't hear the sound. im really interested in Klingon but don't know how to say things. I only did one lesson or none but I would have continued if there was some audio. I also learn much better with audio

January 16, 2019



The programmers are currently working on adding audio capabilities. The first couple Skills actually have a good bit of audio, but the Android app is having complications. If you use Web access or the iOS app, you should be able to hear some audio in those first couple Skills. Once they get the Android app working correctly, we should be able to continue slowly adding audio throughout the course.


Yeah, I just did a couple of lessons with some audio. It was awesome.


Yes, first three lessons in the tree definitely have audio (on the web page)... Haven't gone back to the other lessons yet to see which ones have audio already and which still don't (I'm currently just after the first check point, and "locations" does not have audio)... Can't wait till the devs fix the bugs and more audio can be added :)

Update (27-Jan) - seems the bug was fixed, there is audio on the Android app (for the same lessons as on the web version) and haven't encountered silent "type what you hear" exercises...


Thanks! Ill see when they add some more audio


if i were able to, i would be more than willing! I',m just unsure of the process.


You can find video lessons with great pronunciation on Lieven Litaer's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/KlingonTeacher


I had the same issue when i first peaked at it. My focus is Spanish for now but i hope they improve the klingon so my wife and i can learn it for when we dont want others to know what we are talking about. :)

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