"Komunikasi itu sangat penting."

Translation:Communication is very important.

January 17, 2019

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Why there is "itu" in the Indonesian sentence?


"itu" could mean "is" or "are". Menjadi tua itu pasti.=Becoming old is certain. Kesan pertama itu penting.=First impressions are important. Komunikasi itu sangat penting.=Communication is very important.


You'll find the answer in details from native speakers here. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30003583

"Kamu ini sangat memalukan." / "You are very embarrassing."

As @KamoSaru explained, "itu" or "ini" could mean "is/are/am". Adding "itu" or "ini" changes the nuance.


Good question. "That communication is very important " is not accepted


I don't understand either. How do we know when itu means "that" or "is". Is there a rule?


Actually, as a native speaker I don't really think so if there's a special rule about this one.

But the word 'Itu' itself has several function such as :

Mobil itu = That car Buku itu = That book

Mostly, 'itu' means that for a THING.

So that + thing = Itu

But we can also use 'itu' as : 'is' 'am' or even 'are' for when it comes to a verb.

For example :

Mereka itu jahat = They ARE evil.

Saya itu baru disini = I AM new here

Dia itu malas = He/She IS lazy.

I guess that was the answer of your question, hope it'll help :)


Thank you, it's great to get an answer from a native speaker! Very useful.


Sorry for my bad english I'm trying my best to explain this one


Terima kasih banyak.


Kenapa "itu" diperlu di kalimat ini?

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