"Ini adalah akhir dari kita."

Translation:This is the end of us.

January 17, 2019

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I cannot understand the meaning...


Dear Keith, I think this could be a sentence that pops up when you (and your companion) (it's in plural form) realize that you're locked and trapped in the lion cage in the zoo while it's about time to feed the animals.
Smelling fresh flesh, the lions wake up, stretch their bodies, yawn, look in your direction, and start to move.....
I think that would be an appropriate time to use this sentence.
It's also useful for other occasions as well of course, this was just the first thing that came to my mind.


Could you explain why we use "dari" which means "from"?
Can we say "Ini adalah akhir kita"?


"Ini adalah akhir kita", should be okay as well.
"dari" ("from, "of") is not really necessary here.


Can it be translated as: "This is the last one from us"..? For example you are a lead singer of a musical band and you make the statement: "Ini adalah akhir dari kita" "This is the last (album) from us." or "This is our last (album)."


Can it be translated as: "This is the last one from us"..?


"This is the last (album) from us." or "This is our last (album)."

"Ini adalah album terakhir kita/kami."

'terakhir' = the last, the latest, the most recent, etc...


could also mean the break up of a relationship..the end of us.


Dear Jo, yes you are more than 100% right, "end of relationship", also possible, actually a fact of life.
I'm not proud of it, but I have to admit that I've heard this sentence a couple of times in my life already, and it was never in a cage in the zoo.
Jomblo lagi...
Anyway, let's try to end on a slightly more positive note, there is another situation when you can use this, ...in a computer game...you and your clan are surrounded, outnumbered and outgunned, and it's almost game over..... eehhhmmm...not really positive...but it's less traumatic and you can restart the game.

Ini adalah akhir dari kita…..It's a dramatic sentence isn't it !?
Could be the title of a story or a book.


Sounds like an Indonesian sinetron


how would you say "this is the last from us"? as in "this is the last (email) from us" or something similar


Ini adalah email terakhir dari kami, Or, Ini adalah yang terakhir dari kami.

Note that Indonesian have 2 types of "we", namely "kita" and "kami". "Kita" means "we" consist of the subject and the object of the sentence, like "we are the human race", while "kami" only consist of the subject of the sentence, like "we will kill you". Hope that helps

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