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  5. "A cherry"

"A cherry"

Translation:bįįh yildeeʼį́

January 17, 2019



❤❤❤❤❤❤ finally solved it, guys that's how it supposed to be written, at least it accepted it in my case so far " biih yildeé"i'. "


The hints are misleading


My keyboard cant make the letter either


My Hungarian keyboard has ni Navajo letters. Second: I do not hear words. None.


I cant make the letter


Is there a way to say each pronouncation for each fruit....or at the beginning of each lesson...learn pronouncation...?


My keyboard can't either


How fo you do it


I've copied all navajo letters in a google doc file and every time I come across with some new word I write it down correctly using copy/paste with weird letters. That way my phone learns the correct ways to write those words and it proposes them when I start to write. So this way I don't need navajo keyboard, I learn new words and Duo gets my answers right.


Yeah, still frustrating. Even the closest answeres don't work out at all , this is what I typed in for example "bjjh yildee'j dóó ch'il titsxooi." Guess what? Wrong


i got it all correct but it still says im wrong


you mean you typed it the way I showed it? That is indeed strange. Listen you really need to download the navajo plug in app from playstore must be that https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=klye.plugin.nv&hl=de after downloaded it and when ever you do your exercices you only need to press hold the space key for a second in order to change language and then it supposed to change to Navajo, ok.

Try it it worked for me too, cheers


yildeeʼį́ not accepted even though it is the first hover hint. 31/07/2020 "Curiouser and curiouser."


I think it's the pronounciation rather than the way of writing it as similiar as possible. Because even I tried it a several times by using the " j " because it looks pretty the same to the original letter, but it didnt work at all, till I replaced it with the i. And I experienced the same problem with other navajo words too. So next replace j with an i, ok. Bye and Im out


this is very frustrating I keep writing down the right answer and it keeps telling me that it's wrong so like what more do I do in order for the system to accept which answer is right cuz I copied it down exactly the way they had it and I wrote it but nothing seems to be the right answer this is frustrating


I am spelling the word right but it keeps popping up as if I did'nt.


What did you mean?


Thanks for the comments


So lost on finding the letters that match. I don't have those in my keyboard options.

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