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January 17, 2019



So I don't have the text to speach and thus far the only letter I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce is "I" and "i". So A)how do I get text to speach to work and B) how are those two letters pronounced?

January 17, 2019


Audio is not yet working for Android. And even on the Web and for iOS, only a few sentences have been recorded yet. More will be added over time.

When you are in Duolingo, look carefully at the bottom of all tall straight letters. There is a curl at the bottom of the l (lowercase L) that is not present at the bottom of the I (uppercase i). In Klingon, L is always lowercase (l) and i is always uppercase (I).

The Klingon l is pronounced exactly as in English. In English we have a few different ways to say the letter i, but the Klingon I is always pronounced like in "it" and not like in "ring" or "lite".

January 17, 2019
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