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January 17, 2019



So I don't have the text to speach and thus far the only letter I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce is "I" and "i". So A)how do I get text to speach to work and B) how are those two letters pronounced?


Audio is still being added, but there is quite a bit now. More will be added over time.

When you are in Duolingo, look carefully at the bottom of all tall straight letters. There is a curl at the bottom of the l (lowercase L) that is not present at the bottom of the I (uppercase i). In Klingon, L is always lowercase (l) and i is always uppercase (I).

The Klingon l is pronounced exactly as in English. In English we have a few different ways to say the letter i, but the Klingon I is always pronounced like in "it" and never like in "taxi" or "lite".

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