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  5. "Voy a vender mi coche rojo."

"Voy a vender mi coche rojo."

Translation:I am going to sell my red car.

May 18, 2014



Are you selling a color or a car? Forcing the sentence until the impossible, you will be able to say

Voy a vender mi rojo coche (never "de coche")

But this is absolutely odd. As a rule you place the color after the noun and we would never be wrong. It's true that in a literary way some times it's possible to find some example reversed, as for example "mi blanca paloma" but this does not happen often. It's a like-poetic way. But at this point you should not be concerned by this way.


Is it ok to say "me voy a vender mi coche rojo"? Or does it mean that "I am going to sell myself a red car"?


Exactly, it would be wrong and your transalation is correct. You only use me for verbs you do to yourself like "I am going to shower" - "Me voy a bañar" "I am going to get in the car" - "Me voy a meter al coche"


OMG That just improved my life. groovy


You would not use the reflexive pronoun for vender - to sell, but there is a closely related verb that you can use reflexively - comprar - to buy.

Me voy a comprar un coche rojo.
I'm going to buy myself a red car.

Le voy a comprar un coche rojo.
I'm going to buy him a red car.

Te voy a comprar un coche rojo.
I'm going to buy you a red car.


That wouldnt make sense though how can anybody sell themselves a red car, so you have to remove the "self" from the sentence


I wish they would use carro occasionally. It is much more common in my experience than coche.


Haha carro is mexican slang, coche is used by the majority of hispanic countries. Carro is used a lot in the USA


I wrote "I will be selling my red car" and it was wrong? Help pls ty


Vender is like ‘vending machine’


"I'm going to sell my red car " was not accepted, I guess it didn't recognize the contraction form. Reported

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