"Langit-langit kami warnanya putih."

Translation:Our ceiling is white.

January 17, 2019

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Shuldn't it read: "berwarna putih?" i/o "warnanya putih"?


Dear Ewa, you're right, that is also possible.
You can also leave out "warnanya" or "berwarna" if you want.
"Langit-langit kami putih"


Compare to English variants "Our ceiling is white" "Our ceiling is the color white" "Our ceiling is colored white" "Our ceiling is a white color"

Similar concept in ID, with using "berwarna", "warnanya", or omitting both completely


Shouln't "Our ceiling is color white" be also acceptable


Add in 'the'. I.e. 'Our ceiling is the colour white' (due to the -nya after warna)


Due to the plural langit-langit should it not be 'our ceilings are white'.


'langit-langit' is not plural.

'langit-langit' = ceiling

'langit' = sky


Yeah, not every instance of reduplication (repeated word) signifies a plural. Tricky, right? If you reduplicate an adjective, it's for emphasis or to increase the attribute. /Cepat/ means 'fast, quick'. /Cepat-cepat/ can be 'really fast' or 'more quickly'.

Likewise with /oleh-oleh/. This is not a plural, technically, even though it uses a pattern that would make a noun plural. It's a phrase meaning "souvenir" but specifically the kind of souvenir that is eaten (and often bought as a gift for other people by the traveler).


Our ceiling has a white color. (not accepted)
= Our ceiling is white. (is accepted).....

Langit langit kami warna(nya) = color of our ceiling putih = white warna putih = white color


I wonder if the issue is “has”: would “The colour of our ceiling is white?” be acceptable?

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