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Not recognising accents/apostrophe

Learning Hawai’ian and it won’t let me pass a couple of words with apostrophe’s, it looks the same when I type it..but won’t let me pass the level....is there a glitch?

January 17, 2019



I have just added the Hawaiian keyboard and it seems to work now..thanks


don't know, that has happened to me though


Same problem here. I noticed though that the apostrophe that my keyboard produced was a straight apostrophe whereas the ”okina” that the text uses and that I wanted to use looks like a curly apostrophe. Could be a bug. This happened only in the app though. As long as I used the browser version, the curly okina was always presented underneath the type-in box, along with the other special characters that the Hawaiian language requires. It seems that this small, but essential helper was forgotten when the app was programmed.


Do you mean the ʻokina? Hawaiian doesn’t use apostrophes. (ʻokina: ʻ apostrophe: ‘)


There is a glitch. I have found that some times the punctuation at the end of the sentence is also required. Such as "E uku I ka pila.", "Pay the bill". The period is required to get a correct answer. Another is "Hola 'ehia ka papa?". You have to add the question mark.


That happened to me too, and then I tried to copy and paste the ‘okina from a hawaiian page called ‘Ōlelo Hawaii , and it works.


The best way to get the okina correct is add the Hawaiian input keyboard to the computer you use. I'm not sure how this works on a current Windows system but you can Google this for your specific system.

On a Mac OS system you can add it via the System Preferences. Specifically on a Mac OS 10.6.8 you turn it on via System Preferences > Language & Text > Input Sources > then click the check box to activate the Hawaiian input keyboard. Review the shortcuts there on how to change your input sources from the keyboard once a new input source is active.

The funny thing is, now with the Hawaiian input keyboard activated your apostrophe key now will type the okina (ʻ) correctly. While the Hawaiian input keyboard is still active, to type vowels with a kahakō (the line over the vowel) correctly hold down the option key and the vowel needed. Hope this helps. Aloha Kākou!


Just had the same experience. Completed the lesson in browser. Will add Hawaiian keyboard layout on my phone, see if that helps. Would still like a fix if the devs get around to it, but if changing the keyboard works, it'll do.


Yes, after adding the Hawaiian keyboard everything worked just fine. And hey, great that another German is learning Hawaiian too ... if your nick is any indication

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