"तुझे क्या पसंद है?"

Translation:What do you like?

January 17, 2019



Sorry that I don't know how to download a Hindi keyboard, but why can't this be "Tum kya pasand ho"? or "Aap kya pasand hain"? Are there clear rules/guidelines when we should use "tujhe" rather than "tum" or "aap" or can they be used interchangeably?

January 17, 2019


Yo same...

February 23, 2019


I just read the grammar points for this skill. It mentions that पसंद means "is liked", so it's very much like "me gusta/te gusta" in Spanish, where you're literally saying "it is pleasing/likable to me" or "it is liked by me".

February 24, 2019


Can you tell me where I can find the grammar points? Also, I would like to know the respective form of this sentence if I wanted to use the polite अप instead.

April 15, 2019


तू ,तुम, andआप​ become तुझे/तुझको (Both same), तुम्हें/तुमको (Both same), and आपको respectively. All of which are translations of "To you" in varying degrees of formality with तू being the most casual and आप being the most formal.

April 16, 2019
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