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  5. "तुझे क्या पसंद है?"

"तुझे क्या पसंद है?"

Translation:What do you like?

January 17, 2019



Sorry that I don't know how to download a Hindi keyboard, but why can't this be "Tum kya pasand ho"? or "Aap kya pasand hain"? Are there clear rules/guidelines when we should use "tujhe" rather than "tum" or "aap" or can they be used interchangeably?


Tum kya pasand ho/aap kya pasand hain ... Neither make sense in Hindi.

Loosely translated, is would mean some thing like "you what like"

"Tumhe kya pasand hai" or "aapki kya pasand hai" is the correct way to say it..


Thanks anil729165

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