"Lui dimostra la sua ricetta."

Translation:He demonstrates his recipe.

April 6, 2013

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Is "He displays his recipe." really wrong or does DL miss this correct answer? It shows display as a possible translation of dimostare, and I can imagine a situation where you know a really good cookie recipe and all the neighbors ask for it and you just put it on the wall (display it!) so anyone can copy it.


how would you say "he demonstrates her recipe"?


demonstrate = lui presenta la sua ricetta. "dimostra" significa "show"


2/15/14 duoLingo just accepted he shows her recipe :-)


Exactly the same, la sua is both male and female


masculine or feminine not either or..... la sua is her. the sentence is his. Besides its not plural.


This is a weird scenario but I really forsee their being a situation where you HAVE to differentiate between his and hers with no background clues... Two chefs (man and wife) are giving cooking lessons. The man demonstrates some of his and some of her recipes. He is demonstrating a recipe when a person in the audience asks another audience member "Is he demonstrating his recipe, or hers?" To which the person replies "He is demonstrating his recipe" conversely "He is demonstrating her recipe". I know this is a weird scenario, but how do we identify ownership with gender with context or clues as to who the thing (In this case, the recipe) might belong to? Grazie!


I believe you could use "la ricetta di lui" or "la ricetta di lei" to distinguish his recipe from her recipe if necessary


I could be mistaken, as I've taken many months away from my Italian study, but for the scenario you just described, could you just use the term for "his own," to indicate the demonstrator's recipes, e.g. "il proprio/la propria?" The masculine/feminine form shouldn't matter as long as you know who is doing the demonstrating, lui or lei, and the "their own" should indicate whether it's his or hers. Right? Or am I missing something?


How does one "demonstrate" a recipe? Write? Copy, Remember? Forget? Lose? Tear? Burn? Throw away? Copyright? All okay, but 'demonstrate?' The two other choices shown for ricetta are no better -- prescription and remedy. I'm confused as to how one would demonstrate either one of those, too.


"He gives a demonstration of his recipe" seems like a more natural English translation.


Does 'dimostare' come from a prefix 'dimo'+'stare'?


There is no indication of the gender of the possessor the possessive adjective used here. Could behis or her ricetta.


it is your her or his


He shows up his recipe. =ok


The answer came before i finished writing?

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