"These fruits are cold."

Translation:ये फल ठंडे हैं।

January 17, 2019

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The updated audio clip is pronouncing फल as Fal. I thought it was pronounced Phal. I thought it only became a Fa sound if it was फ़ and that फ was just Pha. Any explanations?


I think, from what I've heared in Hindi songs and from studying Malayalam (a South Indian language with its own alphabet arranged similar to Devanagari, and which does not have a seperate letter for f-sound) that फ is sometimes pronounces ph (aspirated p) and sometimes f, dependig on dialect/ word. But I agree with you that ph would be the classically most correct pronounciation for फ .


Whats the difference between dae and Dee


ठंड means cold as a general noun, more like "coldness", whereas ठंडा ठंडे and ठंडी are more like adjectives. Which to use just depends on whether the person you are talking about is male, female, or multiple people. Since फल is being used plurally in this sentence, ठंडे


can it be ये फलों ठंडा हैं?


No. फलों is the plural oblique form. It is only used when it is the object of a postposition.


Doesn't फल have a plural form?


No. The plural is फल itself.
This is true for all masculine nouns except those with an ा ending.

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