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  5. "bISaghlaHbe'."


Translation:You are not able to be serious.

January 17, 2019



As a longtime tennis fan (and I do mean longtime - I was around for, and remember, John McEnroe's glory days), I was actually just putting this sentence together in my head, and thinking of it as a potential sample sentence entry for the course, when I looked down at my screen ... and voilĂ ! There it was, right in front of me. Nice job on the reference, and the anticipation! ;-)


I assumed it was an "Airplane" referrence. It's a generic enough phrase, that there may be other allusions that could be assumed.


True. The exact McEnroe quote was "You cannot be serious," which differs only in the contraction in the English translation. But as you say, it's generic enough to mean different things to different people.

Actually, isn't this the Airplane quote where one character says "Surely you can't be serious!" and Leslie Nielsen' character replies, "I am serious. And don't call me Shirley"?


Not much of a tennis fan, but we did have that match on the tv at the time. That's exactly where my mind went for this sentence too. Think the original went something like this: {bISaghlaHbe'qu', loD, bISaghlaHbe'!}

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