January 17, 2019

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Chui also means Tiger I believe.


Yeah, well ... tigers aren't found in Africa, so there's no truly native Swahili word for them, so they get called chui-milima "striped leopard"

... except for in the YouTube channel Swahili Fairy Tales, where "tiger" is, for some reason, always translated as duma "cheetah", which is just silly because cheetahs are much less similar to tigers than either leopards or lions are and they're also much less dangerous to people.


I know, lots of languages have words for non-native animals though so may as well mention it in case people are interested. :) I do wonder what happens if Swahili speakers need to speak about other non-native animals that there are no words for though, maybe they simply borrow words from English. Things like kangaroo Jaguar lynx etc

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