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"Who is grilling a yam in the oven?"

Translation:Siapa yang memanggang ubi di oven?

January 17, 2019



When do we use "yang"? In this case, can we omit "yang"?


From what I got, we should use "siapa yang" if it's directly followed by a verb. If it is followed by a name, we should not put yang.

Siapa nama putramu? = What is the name of your son? => siapa is followed by a name => yang is not used

Siapa yang suka seledri? = Who likes celery? => Siapa is followed by a verb => Need to use yang


Is there any difference between oven and kompor?


Dear Mike, yes there is a difference.
"oven" = "oven", where you can bake a cake or bread or pizza
"kompor" = "stove", where you can cook with a wajan/panci/ or boil water/...or do something like this :


I am in confusion. Why do grill=oven?


some oven's do have a grill element at the inside top of them, but my guess is ... "ovens" wouldn't have been a typical cookery method, back when the language was evolving. (menanggang) could also be used for the word "roasting" more so than grilling,
Bakar for bbq or on when grilling on top of your kompor. let us know if I'm not on the right track..


Blame it on the British. To them, grilling and roasting are the same. This sentence should be "Who is roasting a yam in the oven?", but the people that churn out these lessons do not understand the difference.


Panggang = baking in this sentence


I believe you bake cakes and bread or biscuits so no not Baking, the closest translation I would surmise is Roasting as in Roast vegetables and roasted Yams are delicious especially if you grill them under the griller..


Yes that's correct, in the US at least.

Seems like panggang/memanggang is more like baking and menggoreng is like grilling or frying, hard to tell because duolingo tells me they both mean grilling and then marks it wrong when I interchange them


I don't understand why my response was marked incorrect. I wrote 'Siapa yang memanggang ubi di pemanggang?". Help please! Pemanggang was one of the options provided and was the word for oven I was taught at school (many years ago)


Is it wrong to say "di dalam" as in "inside the oven"?


I wrote "di dalam" as well and I got it wrong. This is coming from a Malay speaker, with which the Malay language is a sister language of Indonesian.

It should be right in all instances. Report it!


This would be easier if they used "roasting" instead of"grilling".


Yep, but as we are all learning, DL Indonesian is not logical. It's a pain. I find DL French much better than DL Indonesian, so back to French it is, at least for a while...


Why can't i use "seorang ubi" for "a yam"


You cannot use 'seorang' because it comes from the word 'orang' which is used for people. The correct word to use when referring to 'a yam' is 'sebuah' which comes form the word 'buah' - it's the right article for a yam. It's another one of 'those ones we just have to remember'. I hope this helps. Cheers

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