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"At least you do not look blue."

Vertaling:Jij ziet er ten minste niet depressief uit.

May 18, 2014

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That seems to be quite a stretch from the English to the Dutch. Blue can mean depressed, but it is infrequently used in that context (at least in British English). This sentence reads more like actually blue, as in one of those Avatar characters.


I don't know - when I clicked on the sentence for this topic, my first association was with depression, not the color. Or does that tell something about me, rather than the sentence?! Oh dear..

Anyway, I'd probably vote for keeping both meaning - but making/keeping the depressed-version the standard translation.

Oh, by the way I did a quick check for British vs American English. "Feeling blue" is a bit more prevalent in American English, but only marginally so - I think by a factor of 1.5. Apparently the use (at least in books) is on a steady rise for both types of English, which is interesting.


Yea that would make sense, 'feeling blue' is relatively common, but 'looking blue'? I've never heard it used in that manner before. I automatically associated it with face paint of some kind, but like you said, that might say more about my fancy dress habits than anything else.

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