"We take food from the boys."

Translation:Noi prendiamo cibo dai ragazzi.

April 6, 2013

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That's kind of a jerk move.


Could this also be "Noi portiamo cibo dai ragazzi"? In a previous exercise potare was used "to take". Or is portare only used to "take to" as in "bring", as I know it could also read "We bring food from the boys"... Sorry for my confusion and thank you for any help.


Is there an overview of the various 'da' contractions?


There aren't that many, and they're pretty easy to memorize:

  • da + la = dalla
  • da + le = dalle
  • da + il = dal
  • da + i = dai
  • da + lo = dallo
  • da + gli = dagli


They should be: da + la = dalla da + le = dalle da + il = dal da + i = dai da + lo = dallo da + gli = dagli


why dai ragazzi instead of dagli uomini


dai ragazzi=from the boys

dagli uomini=from the men

My guess... The men could fight back harder than the boys when you nab their food. So the speaker is only looking to take the food from the boys and not the men. :)


I still confused by prendere - is someone able to give me a concise explanation of what it means and where it's used? Or perhaps a link with the same?

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