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"Apakah makanan saya sudah dikurangi?"

Translation:Has my food been reduced?

January 18, 2019



As in you're a prisoner or something, and they are giving you less food than they used to? Or you had plate of food, and when you turned your back, someone took some? Or You're making a sauce or jus and "reducing" it by boiling off the moisture? All of the above?


Dear joeldipops, yes it sounds cruel doesn't it.
It could be a weightwatchers-diet-thing, maybe this person needed some guidance with the amount of food-intake.
Another possibility is that his mother is piling up enormous amounts of food on his plate, which is quite common for mothers to do.
My mother always thought I should eat more.


"Was my food reduced?" was counted wrong. Is this meaning viewed as different somehow?

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