"Upacara itu dihadiri oleh siswa kelas sembilan."

Translation:That ceremony was attended by students from ninth grade.

January 18, 2019

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Is this always ninth grade? Or could it be the students from class 9, who might be from any grade?


Dear joeldipops, what is the difference between "ninth grade" and "ninth class", it's not the same ?


In some places, like Germany, a grade is the level students are at, like ninth, and a class is a group of students that study together, whichever grade they are at. As in "I'm in ninth grade, and I'm in the same class as Ben and Jerry." Maybe that's what he means...


Exactly. For example in High school I was in Grade 8, but class "A"


No. Class and grade are used differently. For example you could be in 9th grade and attend the 7th class that day.


That is actually possible, but we usually don't use numbers in Indonesia, we have like class A, B, C,... although for high schools it's usually like "10-IPA-9" (grade 10 Natural Sciences class 9) or "11-IPS-2" (grade 11 Social Sciences class 2). So your "class 9" would be like "sembilan i".

But if we really have to say class 9 like what you said, that'd probably be "kelas kesembilan" (ninth class)


I'm curious as to why "ninth grade" is accepted, but not "grade nine". In English it's often interchangeable

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