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"I walked from the bathroom to the kitchen."

Translation:puchpa'vo' vutpa'Daq jIyIt.

January 18, 2019



I translated "I walked from the bathroom to the kitchen" as "vutpa'Daq puchpa'vo' jIyIt" and got it wrong. The correct answer is "puchpa'vo' vutpa'Daq jIyIt". This made me wonder, must vo' always come before Daq in Klingon or does it just depend on the sentence you're translating? For instance, if the sentence was "I walked to the kitchen from the bathroom" would "vutpa'Daq puchpa'vo' jIyIt" have been an acceptable answer then?


The -vo' phrase and the -Daq phrase can come in either order. In English, too, the phrases can come in either order. In either language a person may have a reason why they wish to put one in front of the other. Thus, since the order is able to be matched in both languages, we ask that when you are translating, you keep them in the same order.


Does -pa' mean something? Like 'room', perhaps?

I mean, maybe it's just a coincidence, but two rooms in a home that end in -pa'...it's enough to make me suspect a pattern.


There are a few different pa' syllables in Klingon, but one of them is definitely the word for "room" and it does appear that it has been used to form a compound noun here: puchpa' "toilet-room".


As I suspected. Thanks. :)

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