"Is a large capital needed to develop tourism here?"

Translation:Apakah perlu modal yang besar untuk mengembangkan pariwisata di sini?

January 18, 2019

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Why does "perlu" come before "modal" and not after "besar"?


I think the problem here is that the English sentence and the Indonesian translation are in different forms. The English sentence is in passive form while the Indonesian translation is in active form. The more suitable translation for the English sentence should be "Apakah modal yang besar diperlukan untuk mengembangkan pariwisata di sini?"


Dear Xavier, Mas Saputra is right, I think that is also possible like this: "Apakah modal yang besar diperlukan ..." ,


So this is an Indonesian active sentence without a subject? I didn't know this is possible.


Let me add my comment to @demoksaputra and @WayangOrang.

The Indonesian sentence with the active verb means "Does it require a large amount of capital to develop tourism here?" (= Does developing tourism here require a large amount of capital?) -- "It" is a formal subject, and the actual subject is "to develop/developing" in English. In the Indonesian sentence, the formal subject "it" is simply dropped. That's the reason of the word order.


I would write :apakah modal yang besar diperlukan untuk mengembangkan pariwisata di sini. I don't get the point of the indo translation, this is the first time I see apakah followed by a verb.... Sounds very crapy IMO.. I wasted my lingos once again....


SVO .... my take is . the noun is to follow apakah! Apakah modal yang besar diperlukan untuk mengembangkan pariwisata di sini? (as above)


Perlu dan butuh sama sini


Apakah ibu kota yang besar dibutuhkan untuk mengembangkan pariwisata di sini?(?????)

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