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Hej allihopa!

A few weeks ago I thought I'd make a roundup of the Swedish TV shows that I've watched to help me with my Swedish. Little did I know, it reeled in 20 page views a day to 40 views and now 150+ views a day.

There are Youtube channels that I watch in Swedish that has helped me immensely- most of them have English Subtitles as well!

If you have more ideas for Youtubers or TV to list, let me know. Some of the listings were added in by people from Swedish FB groups, so the more the merrier! I'll add them in and I'll watch them too :).

1 month ago

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Kolla in på Erik Edler också :D Han använder YouTube och undervisar lätt svenska videor. Flera av hans videor är på engelska och svenska

1 month ago
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Tack sa mycket

1 month ago

Tack :)

1 month ago

Tack! I'm eager to have a listen later. :)

1 month ago

Great. Thanks so much. Really helpful.

3 weeks ago
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Man kan titta på svensk TV här: Tyvärr inte alla filmer och clips utomlands men många av dem (åtminstone i Tyskland) - till exempel alla Pippi Långstrump episoder! ;-)

2 weeks ago
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