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  5. "दरवाज़े पुराने हैं।"

"दरवाज़े पुराने हैं।"

Translation:The doors are old.

January 18, 2019



"Doors are old" should be accepted here


Is पुराना the same as बूढ़ा?


Yes, they both mean old .

However, बूढ़ा mostly comes as adjectives for living things .

For example : वह बूढ़ा है। (He is old.)

And, पुराना is mostly associated with non-living things.

For example: यह पुराना है। ( It/this is old.)


Why isn't "Doors are old" accepted?


If it's still not accepted then you can report it, because 'Doors are old' is also a correct translation.


Yes the word पुराना means old. But if you are asking your doubt about the Hindi word पुराण, which has a similar pronounciation , then here's the meaning-

¹It usually means the collection of Indian mythologies/literature based on deities, like Ramayana, Mahabharata ,etc.

²If you take the word पुराण in Sanskrit , then the word would again mean old/ancient. I believe the Hindi word for old , i.e, पुराना derived from this Sanskrit word.


Why' Doors are old ' is false?

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