How do we get the new version?

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Dobry den! My husband's app has suddenly updated to the new version of Czech Duolingo, but mine hasn't. Ironically, he's pretty annoyed about the change and I'm eager to get it. :) Do I need to do something to be updated, or is the update simply rolling out gradually throughout the community?


4 weeks ago


whatever your husband got is not a new version of the course. we would first have to finish it and "lock" it for testing, and i would be involved in all those steps. i bet all he has is a new user interface.

could you/he post something showing a key difference? (screenshots have to be externally hosted and linked.)

4 weeks ago
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I want the new version too!

3 weeks ago

Just noticed this change in the Android app and came here to ask if this will happen to our website version as well?

The new version feels quite childish and would like to add that we are missing the number of comments into the chat icon next to the report problem icon after each translation.

3 weeks ago
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If you haven’t seen it yet, chances are you will soon. Currently all iOS users and most Android users should have access to it. Since the learning and engagement metrics are very positive, we expect to roll out to all users on web in the coming months.

3 weeks ago
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