"I like reading comments about the news that I read."

Translation:Saya suka membaca komentar tentang berita yang saya baca.

January 18, 2019



Would the version "Saya suka baca komentar tentang berita yang saya membaca." be incorrect? (I mean right now it definitely is by Duolingo) Is there any rule which says that if you intend to use the full form of the verb and the short one as well in the same sentence, than you should start with the full form?

Thanks a lot for some penjelasan in andvance!

January 18, 2019


Dear Attila, yes there are rules, but I'm not very good in rules, this is what I know if I look at your sentence :
".... berita yang saya membaca.", this part sounds strange.
".... berita yang saya baca.", I think this sounds better.

"membaca" is the active form of the verb, and I think that the part that comes after "yang" must be in passive form, same like this:
Attila membaca berita. (active)
Berita yang Attila baca. (yang + passive)

BTW, is that Angela Merkel (when she was younger) in your profile picture?

January 19, 2019
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