"Miti ipo shambani"

Translation:The trees are on the farm

January 18, 2019



I'm not sure exactly when to use "iko" and "ipo"

January 18, 2019


Are you aware of the very good tips and notes sections for the Swahili tree?
I can access it via the "bulb" sign per skill in the website tree, but not from the Android App tree (status 20-Jan-2019).

I hope that the tips and notes section fo skill "Locatives" can answer you question:

January 20, 2019


iko is when something has a general or nonspecific location and -ko is commonly used when asking a question about the location of something. -po means you have a definite location. As something becomes more specific, it tends to be a -po. I'm in Texas would be more -ko, but being in Dallas is more specific - thus it would be -po.

March 6, 2019
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